Influencer marketing

We bring in the most relevant influencers to tell your brand’s story in an authentic way.

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Monitoring online conversations

Monitoring, detection, analysis.

Thanks to specific tools, we monitor online conversations and spot your industry’s current trends, hot topics and moods. We analyze your brand’s sentiment and reputation and your competitors’ activities, in order to get an overall picture and draft an efficient and strategic action plan.

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Communication strategy

We identify the best influencers for a specific strategy.

After having defined the basis for your communication strategy – from brand value to distinctive consumer benefits, up to the definition of profiled target groups – we will draft an activity plan e will define the most efficient messaging in order to reach your target consumers. Thanks to our constant web and social monitoring, we are able to intercept the best suited influencers to be involved in specific projects.

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Tailor-made approach

Password: credibility.

Influencers are able to communicate your brand value in an authentic way thanks to their credibility and genuineness. They are real people that create their own content and it is important to approach them with ad hoc projects designed to involve them spontaneously. For this reason we research and analyze a brand-influencer affinity and suggest them customized activities, from the first involvement to more structured operations.

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